Prehistory of the Department of Statistics at Colorado State University

The current version of the pre-history of the department is at the following link:
Some Prehistory of the Department of Statistics and Statistical Laboratory at Colorado State University

This document focuses almost entirely on the prehistory of the Department of Statistics and Statistical Laboratory. It is only the first part of a work in progress. Our plan is to expand significantly the short description of "the Graybill years" and add to the history of the department up to the present. We would greatly appreciate your feedback, stories, photos, etc. Please feel free to comment below (don't forget to include your name and connection to the department, like your degree and year of graduation) or contact the authors through Colorado State University's Department of Statistics.

Jay Breidt (1991 PhD from CSU, past department chair and current professor of statistics)
Duane Boes (Professor Emeritus of Statistics and past department chair)

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Updated history

Updated version today includes addition of the Finkner brothers, prominent statisticians from Colorado State who got their start in Agronomy. Thanks to Scott Urquhart for this information.